ASCO Transient Voltage
Surge Suppression

The Series 510/520 utilizes a compressed distribution grade Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV).

The innovative deployment of field proven, large diameter MOVs, allows these modules to provide premium performance under extreme conditions.

Independent test data confirms that a 40mm design can withstand 100kA strikes with 0% change in clamping voltage.

The 80mm design can withstand strikes up to 200kA thus, safeguarding critical electronic infra-structure against potential threats.

ASCO TVSS Product Codes:

510-120 (or 510-DA-120), 510-240 (or 510-DA-240), 510-277 (or 510-DA-277), 510-380 (or 510-DA-380), 520-120 (or 520-DA-120), 520-240 (or 520-DA-240), 520-277 (or 520-DA-277), 520-380 (or 520-DA-380)

Emerson Transient Voltage Surge Suppresion

Emerson Network Power's 300, 400 and 500 Series modules are designed with the strictest industry requirements in mind. This diverse family of products uses patented surge technology to provide survivability and exceptional performance in the most extreme conditions.

These are multi-phase, multi-mode surge protectors, which incorporate co-ordinated, multi-component/multi-fuse array designs to address even the harshest conditions, and keep power problems from reaching your critical loads.

Emerson TVSS Product Codes:

560YB08ANAG1S / 560YB16ANAG1S 560YB08ANAG1S / 560YB16ARAG1S 560YB08ARAG1S / 560YB16ANCG1S 560YB08ANCG1S / 560YB16ARCG1S 560YB08ARCG1S / 560YB20ANDG1S 560YB12ANAG1S / 560YB20ARDG1S 560YB12ARAG1S / 560YB25ARDG1S 560YB12ANCG1S / 560YB37ARDG1S 560YB12ARCG1S 570YB12ANCG1S / 570YB16ARCG1S 570YB12ARCG1S / 570YB20ANDG1S 570YB16ANCG1S / 570YB20ARDG1S 510YB06ANCL1S / 510YB12ARCL1S 510YB06ARAL1S / 510YB16ANAL1S 510YB06ARCL1S / 510YB16ANCL1S 510YB08ANCL1S / 510YB16ARCL1S 510YB08ARAL1S / 510YB16ARCL1S 510YB08ARCL1S / 510YB20ANCL1S 510YB10ANAL1S / 510YB20ARCL1S 510YB10ANCL1S / 510YB25ANCL1S 510YB10ARAL1S / 510YB25ARCL1S 510YB10ARCL1S / 510YB06AWAJ1S 510YB12ANAL1S / 510YB06AWAJ2S 510YB12ANCL1S / 510YB08AWAJ1S 510YB12ARAL1S / 510YB08AWAJ2S 440YB10ANAJ1S / 420YB05AWAJ1S 440YB16ANAJ1S / 420YB05BWRJ1S 330YB05AWRL2S / 330YB08AWRL2S 320YB02AWRC2S / 320YB02BWRC2S

ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches

The Series 230 automatic transfer switch consists of an intelligent controller and a modular load break switch which automatically transfer s the load to the emergenc y power source when it detects under/overvoltage, under/over frequency, or phase failure. The switch has three operation positions (source one - center off - source two). The two sources can be isolated in the center off position. A position locking mechanism is also provided.

The Series 230 capacity is up to 400A, available from 220 to 415 volts, 50 and 60Hz, single phase and three phase.

The ASCO Series 200 & 300 was designed for one purposeā€“to automatically transfer critical loads in the event of a power outage. Each and every standard component was designed by ASCO engineers for this purpose.

The rugged construction and proven performance of the ASCO Series 200 & 300 assure the user of many years of complete reliability.

The SerieS 300 is even designed to handle the extraordinary demands placed on the switch when starting or restarting stalled motors and switching high inrush loads.

ASCO's SerieS 300 modular, compact design makes it easy to install, inspect and maintain. All parts are accessible from the front so switch contacts can be easily inspected.

When flexibility in power switching is a must, ASCO offers a variety of product solutions to meet virtually every application requirement, including distributed generation applications.

That's why the 4000 & 7000 Series is available in open, delayed, and closed transition configurations. Additionally, switched or overlapping neutral options provide for reliable operation of ground fault protection systems and reduction of voltage transients from unbalanced load switching.


  • Series 230:
    Up to 800A, 415V, 50/60Hz, single and three phase.

  • Series 200 & 300:
    Up to 3000A, 600V, 50/60Hz, single and three phase.

  • Series 4000 & 7000:
    Up to 4000A, 600V, 50/60Hz, single and three phase.